Slumdog Millionaire: A Thought for the Crippled – Content

Chapter No. 4

  • Thomas lives in the Dheli Juvenile Home for boys.
  • There are too many children on too less space (noisy and dirty atmosphere).
  • The boys have to live under bad conditions and are beaten by Mr. Gupta, some boys are even abused by him.
  • The dormitory is like hell.
  • Because of speaking English Thomas becomes the leader of the boys and has advantages. Salim comes to the dormitory due to his family being killed by Hindus.
  • Mr. Gupta wants to abuse Salim too, but he was caught by the other wardens. All boys from the dormitory make a trip by international NGO.
  • Salim and Thomas go to a palmist.
  • The palmist says Salim will become a famous actor but for Thomas the stars do not seem to be right. The palmist gives him a lucky coin.
  • Salim and Thomas are chosen by Sethji to go with him to Mumbai. They do not know what Sethji plans but they were told that he is a kind man who helps disabled children.
  • Ram and Salim are brought to Maman’s „school“ in Mumbai.
  • When the two boys see the other children, they are shocked by their outward appearance – They are teached in music by Masterji.
  • Ram and Salim get to know the other children’s sad stories and that Maman’s school is not a normal school, but a beggar school. They should be happy to be able to stay in there even if Maman is not that nice because they can not go anywhere else and are dependent on Maman’s protection from other gangs. Moreover Raju tells Rani his secret about Neelima Kumaii and her search for servants.
  • Ram makes his first experience with drugs or rather glue. Instead of seeing a wonderful vision of his mother (like Jitu) he suffers a horrortrip of his mother, after this he decides to try glue never again.
  • After Ram hearing a conversation between Maman and Punnoose that they want to cripple Salim and him for earning more money, he decides to run away with Salim. Doing this, he realizes the children are crippled by Maman and his gang and not by the police („Whatever you do, wherever you go, never go to the police. Ever.“, p. 108 ll. 23-24).

TIPP für Schüler: Zur Vorbereitung auf das Abitur oder für Klausuren kann ich diese Lektüre empfehlen; sie enthält professionelle Inhaltsangaben in Form einer Lehrerübersicht. Leicht verständliche Zusammenfassungen und Analysen enthält außerdem diese Lektüre. Vikas Swarups Buch Slumdog Millionaire ist ein Schwerpunktthema im Fach Englisch.

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