Slumdog Millionaire: Hold on to your Buttons – Content

Chapter No. 6

  • Ram is working in a bar and he knows how much a customer can drink.
  • He works until morning and lives in a chubby hole without running water in Dharavi. The bar is located in Colaba.
  • The houses in Dharavi are illegal constructions.
  • Ram is talking with a customer in the bar.
  • The customer, called Rao, is a manager of the company Industry Buttons.
  • Rao is drunk and tells a story about his brother.
  • Rao’s brother was the Chief Executive Officer of lndustry Buttons and helped Rao to get a job there.
  • Rao’s wife is a Voodoo Priestess. She wants money all the time and forces Rao into steeling.
  • She makes a Voodoo doll of Rao’s brother to hurt him for getting the firm and Rao gives her all she wants. She takes her family to Mumbai.
  • The brother is in a mental asylum after the Voodoomagic and Rao becomes the new CEO.
  • The secretary of Rao makes him realizing what he has done to his brother and he wants to get him out of the mental asylum.
  • Rao’s brother dies.
  • Finally, Rao dies in a bar, because someone played a Voodoo on him too.

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TIPP für Schüler: Zur Vorbereitung auf das Abitur oder für Klausuren kann ich diese Lektüre empfehlen; sie enthält professionelle Inhaltsangaben in Form einer Lehrerübersicht. Leicht verständliche Zusammenfassungen und Analysen enthält außerdem diese Lektüre. Vikas Swarups Buch Slumdog Millionaire ist ein Schwerpunktthema im Fach Englisch.

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