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Ram Mohammed Thomas was found in an old-clothing-bin. He is brought to the Juvenile Home, but is not wanted by anyone. Finally, Dominic Thomas adopts him. Dominic’s wife leaves him with Ram alone and ends the relationship. Dominic did not want to bring up Ram on its own, so he brought his adoptive son to Father Timothy, where Ram grew up. Later Ram lives in the biggest slum of Asia, Dharavi. He works as a waiter in a resturant and his whole existence and life is illegal. His best friend is Salim. He is caught up for winning a quizshow. At last he wins the jackpot. Unfortunately this is the begin of some trouble that he gets from the quizmaster. The show’s producers cannot pay the billion Ram has won and want Ram to write an excuse that he had cheated at the show. In prison he encounters the lawyer Smita, who gets him out of jail.

TIPP für Schüler: Zur Vorbereitung auf das Abitur oder für Klausuren kann ich diese Lektüre empfehlen; sie enthält professionelle Inhaltsangaben in Form einer Lehrerübersicht. Leicht verständliche Zusammenfassungen und Analysen enthält außerdem diese Lektüre. Vikas Swarups Buch Slumdog Millionaire ist ein Schwerpunktthema im Fach Englisch.

Salim is Ram’s best friend. He likes hindi films with his favorite actor Armaan Ali. Salim hates homosexual men, in the cinema he gets to know that Armaan Ali is one. Due to the fact that his idol is a homosexual, he does not further like him.

Smita is a young woman who wants to help Ram as a lawyer. She listens to Ram’s biography to understand how he could have won the quizshow. She helps him to be his witness.

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