James Moloney: Angela – Chapter 5 Summary

In chapter 5, Angela continues to grow in confidence and finds solace in her friendship with Billy. They continue to work on their project about Australian animals and spend more time together outside of school. Angela enjoys spending time with Billy and feels like she can be herself around him.

At home, Angela’s relationship with her mother remains strained. Her mother is still struggling to make ends meet and is short-tempered with her children. One night, Angela overhears her mother talking to her sister Kate about their father, who left the family years earlier. She learns that he is coming to visit and feels conflicted about seeing him again.

When Angela’s father arrives, the family is initially hesitant to welcome him back. However, Angela is curious about him and spends time talking to him. She learns that he left the family because he was struggling with his own personal issues, and begins to see him in a more sympathetic light.

As the visit continues, Angela’s father tries to make amends with the family and offers to take Angela and her siblings on a camping trip. Angela is excited about the opportunity and looks forward to spending time with her father. However, her mother is hesitant to let them go and argues with her father about the trip.

The chapter ends with Angela feeling conflicted about her relationship with her father. She wants to spend time with him and believes that he is genuinely trying to make things right, but is also aware of the pain that he has caused her family. She is unsure of what to do and feels like she is caught in the middle of her parents‘ conflict.

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