James Moloney: Angela – Chapter 6 Summary

In chapter 6, Angela continues to grapple with her conflicted feelings about her father. She is excited about the prospect of going on a camping trip with him, but also feels guilty about betraying her mother’s trust.

As the day of the camping trip approaches, Angela’s mother becomes more and more agitated. She is worried about the safety of her children and doesn’t trust her ex-husband to take care of them. Angela tries to reassure her mother, but also feels guilty for lying to her.

During the camping trip, Angela spends time with her father and tries to get to know him better. She is surprised to learn that he is interested in the same things that she is, like nature and the environment. They bond over their shared interests and Angela feels a sense of connection with her father that she hasn’t felt in a long time.

However, the trip takes a turn for the worse when Angela’s father gets into an argument with another camper. He becomes aggressive and confrontational, and Angela starts to see the darker side of his personality. She begins to question whether he has really changed or if he is just the same person who left their family years ago.

As the camping trip comes to a close, Angela’s father tries to make amends with her and promises to be a better father in the future. Angela is conflicted and doesn’t know what to believe. She wants to believe that her father has changed, but is also aware of his past behavior.

The chapter ends with Angela returning home and feeling overwhelmed by her conflicting emotions. She wants to be loyal to her family, but also feels a sense of longing for a relationship with her father. She is unsure of how to navigate the complicated dynamics of her family and worries about what the future will hold.

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