Aboriginal Australia – Timeline

  • 120.000 BC: Remains found in New South Wales suggest Aborigines are already living there.
  • 23.000 BC: Australian technology leads the world, as tools found in Arnhem Land (Northern Territory) show.
  • 18.000 BC: The Tasmanian Tiger and other now extinct animals are painted at Ubirr Rock, West Arnhem Land.
  • 1588-1906 AD: Aborigines in Northern Terrirtory are in contact with traders from Indonesia
  • 1770: Captain Cook claims the whole of the east coast of Australia for the British king
  • 1788:Captain Phillip’s First Fleet arrives and white invasion begins, Aboriginal population is about one million
  • 1804: Whites in Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) are allowd to shoot Aborigines
  • 1824-1929: The killing of Aborigines continues: population in 1929 about 30.000
  • 1912: Laws introduce social benefits but not for Aborigines
  • 1938: An Aboriginal conference in Sydney is the first of many demonstrations against discrimination
  • 1953-’57: British nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga (South Australia) leave many Aborigines with radiation sickness
  • 1962: Aborigines are given the right to vote
  • 1967: Changes in the law bring equal rights for Aborigines and an official end to discrimination
  • 1995: Report on ‚stolen generations‚ – thousands of Aboriginal children were legally taken from their mothers (1920-’69). Many are still trying to find their families.
  • 1998: First National Sorry Day, when people of Australie apologize to Aborigines
  • 2000: Statistics show that Aboriginal people are still highly disadvantaged in all areas of life compared to all other groups.

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